Gexco Tennis Ball Saver

Nothing’s worse than showing up at a tennis courts to realize that neither you nor your hitting partner have quality tennis balls to play with. Old tennis balls can be extremely frustrating to play with and steal some of the fun out of the game. I’ve decided to write a Gexco Tennis Ball Saver review, as this clever device eliminates the need for players quickly run to the store for a new can or suffer through the pain of worn out balls.

According to the manufacturer, you simply store your used tennis balls in the Gexco Tennis Ball Saver and you’ll have re-pressurized balls that play like you just opened up a brand-new can. This super-convenient invention makes a great gift for a casual tennis player as the Gexco Tennis Ball Saver will save them time, money, and frustration.

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Last update was on: June 17, 2024 8:58 pm

Gexco Tennis Ball Saver Review

The Gexco Tennis Ball Saver works by keeping balls in a pressurized environment that keeps out outside air and stops the natural air leakage from tennis balls (learn more about why tennis balls lose their pressure).  After playing, place your tennis balls in the storage device to rejuvenate the balls’ air pressure and have balls that bounce like they are brand new. Tennis balls are produced with an internal pressure of 14 PSI; the product surrounds the balls with 14 PSI just as an unopened can would, pushing the pressure into the tennis balls small pores and restoring the balls to their intended pressure. The Gexco Tennis Ball Saver can’t save old, worn out balls because they slowly lose their felt coating; however, it is extremely effective in giving newer balls a longer life.

Being the same size as an actual tennis ball can, the Gexco Tennis Ball Saver is very space friendly and easy to transport. Players can keep it in their tennis bag between playing to have fresh bouncing balls each time they hit the courts. The pressurized can is able to hold three balls at a time, the perfect amount needed for a hitting session. Saving money by keeping balls fresh while being easy to carry around, the Gexco Tennis Ball Saver is a win-win for tennis players.

The Gexco Tennis Ball Saver has had great reception among the tennis community for the product’s 30-year lifespan. Testing the product themselves using pressure gauges, customers have found that the device does retain balls in a 14 PSI environment, a welcoming surprise to those having their doubts that tennis balls can actually be given a longer life. The re-pressurizing process is not an immediate one, as the balls usually take a few days to be restored to their full potential, making it great gift for casual players who play a couple times a week. Its heavy-duty plastic construction keeps the device intact and usable for a long time; in fact, some product owners have been using theirs for over 20 years! Being sold and used since the 1990’s, the Gexco Tennis Ball Saver has satisfied customers since its creation and may be the best tennis ball saver around.

The days of spending up to $4 on new tennis balls each time you play are over with the Gexco Tennis Ball Saver. More than doubling the life-span of balls, this product is a great investment that can save you or a tennis player you know money over the years. Being easily transportable, effective at keeping tennis balls fresh, and a hit with previous customers, this device is the complete package. Purchase this item for yourself or gift it to a tennis player you know using the link below.

Gexco Tennis Ball Saver - Keep Balls Fresh and New - We pressure test each one we sell

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Last update was on: June 17, 2024 8:58 pm
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A Unique, Practical Gift that Will Save Tennis Players Money

  • Keeps balls pressurized
  • Easy to transport
  • Made in the USA
  • Only holds 3 balls
  • Can't save old tennis balls
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