Best Tennis Books

With such a rich and fascinating history, plenty of interesting tennis books have accumulated over the years. From books about tennis history to books that can help you become a better player, there is a book out there for everyone. Here are some of the best tennis books ever written:

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7 of the Best Books About Tennis

50th Anniversary US Open Tennis Book
Celebrating 50 years of tennis in Flushing Meadows, the United States Tennis Association and Rick Rennert teamed up to highlight the rich history of US Open.

This book details key matches, competitors, and history of the tournament through the eyes of some of the best players and coaches in the world. Relive some of the greatest matches in tennis history with spectacular photographs and illustrations. The book is available in hardcover and Kindle formats.

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The Stylish Life: Tennis
Known as a gentleman’s game, tennis has always been known for its style and etiquette. What you’re wearing is almost as important as how you play. Take a look into the cultural world of tennis through Ben Rothenberg’s The Stylish Life: Tennis.

This book details how tennis etiquette and dress has evolved since into stylish sport over the years. The Stylish Life: Tennis is highly-rated and only available in hardcover.

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String Theory
String Theory is an essential read for tennis enthusiasts.

Written by David Foster Wallace (who the New York Times called “the best tennis-writer of all time”), this book is a collection of Wallace’s essays written on several different tennis topics/figures such as Federer, Tracy Austin, and Michael Joyce.

A life-long tennis fan and a once-great junior player, David Foster Wallace spreads his insight into the world of tennis. The book is available in hardcover.

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Winning Ugly: Mental Warfare in Tennis – Lessons from a Master
In tennis, a player’s mental capabilities are as important as their physical capabilities.

Brad Gilbert, an Olympic gold medalist and now ESPN analyst, breaks down how to be a mental warrior on court. Gilbert draws on experiences from his past and strategies of the best players in the world to provide readers with knowledge on how to stay mentally sharp on court and in life.

This tennis book is a must-read for tennis players who want to improve their game and grow into a force to be reckoned with. The book is available in paperback, on Kindle, and in audiobook format.

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Open: An Autobiography

Take a look into the storied life of one of tennis’s most intriguing and exciting tennis players.

Andre Agassi writes about his tennis-destined childhood, his struggles with fame off the court and his greatest successes. The book received ample recognition as the #1 national best seller.

The book is available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle and audiobook formats.

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Serena Williams: The Inspiring Story of One of Tennis’ Greatest Legends

From the tennis courts of Compton to the best women’s tennis player of all time, Clayton Geoffreys’ biography details the inspiring story of Serena Williams.

The book details Serena’s childhood, decorated tennis career and life out of the limelight. This book is a must read for tennis fans of all ages.

Available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats.

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The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance
Originally published in 1972, The Inner Game has been updated with illustrations and refined theories to provide an even greater look into the psychological side of tennis.

This book has sold over 800,00 copies worldwide and has helped countless tennis players discover their own mental approach to tennis.

Though the book is tennis focused, its principles apply to many other facets of life. The book includes a foreword from Super Bowl winning coach Pete Carroll on how the book helped his competitive mentality. The book is available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle and audiobook formats.

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What do you think of our best tennis books? Any that we should add to the list?

Post them in the comments below.

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